Syneriya is a consulting and engineering company with first motivation to provide its partners with the most innovative and efficient solutions.

The automotive world is our core business and our activities encompass both consulting based on the high level of expertise of our employees, from the support during the development of engine projects, from the engine application to the certification and the vehicle serial life, as well as training.

Syneriya's philosophy is based on the pooling of energies, because we believe that together we can guarantee the success of your projects. Our level of expertise enables us to understand and analyze your needs or those of your clients, to provide technical support when making decisions, and to provide you with the necessary support, tools and training.


Syneriya puts its technical expertise at the disposal of its partners, and proves to be a preponderant asset when apprehending a new project, conducting negotiations and making decisions.

Syneriya also conducts operational audits and analyzes needs, allowing the identification of optimization paths and the removal of obstacles to the realization of a project.
Syneriya is positioning itself as a partner of traditional consulting companies, reinforcing credibility and flexibility. By its level of expertise Syneriya wants to be the link, sometimes missing, in the conclusion of a contract with a customer or the success of a project.

Syneriya offers its partners to assist them in discussions with potential customers.
  • technical exchanges with the customer, analysis and understanding of his needs
  • support on international projects (French English German)
  • strengthen the credibility of its partners in the relation with their clients as a technical expert
  • recommendations on potential consultant profiles for the required tasks
  • definition of additional training plans when required


Syneriya offers its partners a technical assistance during all phases of engine and vehicle development project, as well as their certification and serial life. Its expertise in different global markets and development processes in an international context are all decisive key factors for the success of your projects.
Syneriya intervenes on behalf of its partners consulting firms, directly by thier clients
  • To carry out a short-term mission with a high level of expertise
  • Support of a third-party consultant in an international context
  • When a consultant encounters difficulties on a mission by intervening to boost the capacities in place, identifying the blocking points and proposing a training plan
  • To compensate for the temporary defection of a consultant (increase of the workload, absence, change of project ...) The idea for the partner is to gain flexibility and to be able to dispose of resources at the expense of the project.
The credibility of this approach is based on the high level of expertise of Syneriya,
  • to be extremely responsive with a very short time
  • to be operational immediately
  • to be able to intervene in extremely varied fields, in all the possible contexts (abroad, testing trips, international project ...)
The added value provided by Syneriya for its partner also goes beyond the project goals by offering lasting solutions and increasing their partners' know-how
  • creation of tools for development support
  • training plans (competence and methodology)

Testing / Engine Application

An essential part of the development of an engine lies in the progammation of the engine control unit (ECU). The engine application includes this entire calibration and tuning process to ensure compliance with the targeted performance requirements, reliability and emission compliance, regardless of operating conditions.
Syneriya shares its expertise during all these phases of development.
  • Definition and planning of testing campaigns
    • Project Management
    • Design of Experiment
    • Resource Management : requirements, costs, test facilities and measuring equipment
  • Conduct of tests
    • Engine benches (performance, air path, knock-protection ...) and dedicated test cells (fuel system, turbo ...)
    • Test tracks in development centers
    • On-road validation and in severe conditions (USA, South Africa, Sweden, altitude ...)
    • OBD Application and validation (road and dyno cell)
    • Emission tests on standardized driving cycles (rolling dyno cell)
    • Creation of test automation, simulation and analysis tools (CONCERTO, MATLAB, EXCEL VBA ...)
  • Delivery of calibration for the Start of Production and Serial Life tracking
    • Calibration reports
    • Test Campaign Reports
    • Development of calibration methodology

Basic development tools:
  • Measuring equipment ETAS INCA
  • Calibration Management CRETA
  • Fast acquisition systems OSIRIS, INDICOM
  • Combustion analysis, analysis tools CONCERTO
  • Creation of tools for automation, simulation and analysis (MATLAB, EXCEL VBA ...)

Certification Engine and Emissions

Syneriya supports its partners during each phases of their vehicles certification process. Its expertise in the various global markets and their specificities is an undeniable contribution during these critical processes from the planning of the tests, the documentation of the application for approval, to exchanges and meetings with officials, in the USA (EPA , CARB) in Europe or China.
  • Emission / Fuel Consumption Application Process
  • OBD Application process
  • Planning and conduct of emission test cycles
  • Documentation and application files
  • OBD Description, AECD
  • Serial life (PVE)
  • Defect Reports EDIR / EWIR (analysis and report of serial defects)
  • Creation of tools for automation, analysis and reporting (EXCEL VBA, SQL ...)


Syneriya offers a wide range of professional training courses designed to provide its partner technical knowledge on engine, vehicle and OBD development as well as their certification process.
Syneriya develops and conducts training plans for its partners and their employees.
As a strong contributor to traditional training provider (IFP Training, ESTACA, engineer school...), Syneriya offers training in all fields of automotive development, from the basic operating principles of an internal combustion engine, to the definition of a project and engine tuning / calibration, OBD II and homologation.
Accredited as a professional training organization by the French authority DIRECCTE. (Accreditation granted for 2017)
  • Internal training / know-how capitalization
  • Contribution to the constitution / improvement of knowledge management databases
  • Business-oriented training (methodology, use of tools and software)

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